Must-Taste Cuisine of Turkey

Must-Taste Cuisine of Turkey

Among the famous things that Turkey is known for is her diversity of mouth-watering cuisines. A visit to the country will expose you to so many delicious foods, some of which you would never think exist. The Turkish cuisine alone is enough reason to visit this country. A month cannot be enough to discover all the unique and delicious dishes from different regions.

If the length of your stay in Turkey cannot allow you to sample all their cuisines, here are some of the must-try meals:


Iskender food

Also known as Iskender kebap, this is a well-known dish especially in the Northwestern parts of Turkey. This dish is named after the person who created it. His name was Iskender Efendi Konagi from Bursa.

This dish is made by pouring tomato sauce into a pita that is put in a cylindrical plate. A layer of slimly-sliced lamb is added on the top, which is then covered with melted sheep’s butter. Lastly, a spoonful of yogurt is added on the top. You can head to Bursa for a taste of this dish, although various restaurants in the big cities still offer it.  


From a distance, Lahmacun might strike a close resemblance to a pizza but actually, it is not one. Lahmacun is made from thin dough that is layered with minced meat, tomatoes and onions and herbs such as cumin and cayenne pepper.

Once baked ready, the cook rolls it up before being served. More raw vegetables such as lettuce, onions and tomatoes can be added, then it is rolled up for eating.


Simit is another of the delicious Turkish meal. This round bread is encrusted with sesame seeds, sunflower seeds or poppy flax. When baked properly, it retains a soft interior and hard, crispy exterior.

Turkish people have been eating simit for centuries now and it seems to be many people’s staple dish regardless of their social status. Since simit is sold on almost typically every busy street in the country, it is not expensive or hard to find.  


Kahvaltı is one of the famous breakfast meals in Turkey. It is available in most of the restaurants across the country, with each of the restaurant adding their special twist to the dish. Basically, Kahvaltı contains olives, mozzarella cheese, white cheese, jam, fresh butter, bread, cucumbers and tomatoes.

You can eat it with scrambled eggs, with tomatoes and gözleme, a Turkish pancake that has a filling of cheese, potatoes or spinach. The best restaurants in Istanbul where you can get the best Kahvaltı are Café Private and Nezih.

Çiğ Köfte

The Çiğ Köfte is a popular snack in Turkey. It is a meatball that comprises of onions, bulgur, tomato paste and other spices. Although it is popular in the southeastern parts of Turkey, it is not very hard to find in many other places in the country.

Çay and Kahve

Çay and Kahve

Turkish tea and coffee are known as cay and kahve respectively. The two are must-sample beverages while in this country. The Turkish tea does not have a very strong flavor, but it is made uniquely in a cultural manner.

The coffee, on the other hand, is brewed by slowly boiling ground coffee beans in tap water, which results in a thick, flavorful coffee. The best place in Istanbul to sample the two beverages is the Grand Bazaar, which is a well know hangout joint in the city.

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